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Designed with versatility in mind, you will love the endless storage options of these bins. Their open-top concept and built-in handles ensure that contents are always visible and within reach. Made with PET plastic, these organizers are ideal for the eco-minded home and add a low-profile look to a kitchen, laundry room or bathroom.

Plastic Utility Storage Baskets

Made of PET with ribbing details along the side in a Clear finish.Food safe.Imported.


I switched from the normal colored plastic totes to these for a few reasons: the plastic is really clear so you can see everything inside when it’s still on the shelf. It also made my home a lot brighter because the shelves now see some light. There is a wide range of sizes and shapes for all your needs and they’re equally as durable. We love them.

These allow me to organize my fridge and pantry in a way that is super aesthetically pleasing.

Great product, highly recommend.

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