Homes For Heroes

Geneva Financial is committed to everyday heroes

We carry multiple HERO home loan products, including a 2% down payment assistance home loan and the Homes For Heroes program offering up to $4,500 for the following designations:


All First Responders: Police, Firefighters, EMT

Medical Professionals: Doctors, Nurses


Active Duty and Veteran Military

Homes for Heroes Approved Lender

How to Get a HERO Home Loan

What is it?

Geneva Financial is committed to America’s everyday heroes. We carry multiple HERO mortgage products, including a 2% down payment assistance program.

This nearly nationwide* program is designed to provide down payment assistance equal to 2% or 3.5% of the purchase price to a wide variety of eligible borrowers.


  • A simple one-step process: the application is streamlined for the borrower, using the 1003 they have already completed!

  • DPA is a grant equal to 2% or 3.5% of purchase price

  • May be combined with up to 6% seller concession for closing costs

  • No resale or borrower repayment restrictions

  • Can be used with the FHA 203(b) program

  • Total borrower’s income is equal to or less than 140% of the median area income

  • First-time home buyers

Who can get a hero loan?

Any borrower on the loan application who is a current, retired volunteer, or non-paid:

  • First-responder: police officer, firefighter, public safety officer, paramedic, or emergency medical (EMT), including volunteers or similar

  • Educator

  • Medical personnel: nurse, doctor, phlebotomist, or health ambassador, or hospital, American Red Cross worker, or similar

  • Civil servant in a federal, state, or local municipality

  • Military personnel

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