6 Remodeling Projects to Keep Your Home Warm This Fall

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Winters are quickly getting colder with every year that passes, and most want to protect their homes and loved ones from this colder weather. However, without raising the cost of your heating bill an astronomical amount, there are many ways to keep your home toasty.

These are some of the remodeling and home repair projects you can complete to keep out the cold even when winter sets in.

6 Remodeling Projects to Keep Your Home Warm This Fall

1. Maximize Your Insulation

6 Remodeling Projects to Keep Your Home Warm This Fall

The insulation you have in your walls and ceiling will decide how much noise pollution, weather, insect life, and moisture gets into your home. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of how much insulation is in their homes and haven’t updated or checked it in years. Consider looking into polyisocyanurate insulation, and create a home that blocks out the cold.

Your insulation should be used on every portion of your home, including your garage. Although it can feel like a lot of work once you look up how to insulate a garage, it’s worth it because this adds another layer of protection for your home and belongings.

2. Add Intelligent Heating Options

Heating and cooling systems aren’t the same as they used to be. Most homebuyers state that they want to have a smart thermostat or an electric heating system. These can ensure that the home is heated to the right temperature every time, and you can even control the temperatures of a smart thermostat while in a different state.

Buyers desperately seek to outsmart homes’ systems because it allows a property to feel more modern and taken care of. These options increase the value of your property and make it far easier to warm and keep comfortable in any season.

3. Update Your Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are the leakiest locations for homes that seem to have a lot of cold air making their way in. You can check to see if the seal on your windows or doors is bad by lighting a candle or lighter and holding it close to these openings. If the flame flickers strongly towards or away from a window or door, you’ve found a draft.

Updating to vinyl windows can ensure that you have better-fitting sealed windows and doors that will protect your home from outdoor temperatures. This update will also have other perks like decreasing noise pollution, allowing in more natural light, and helping you to feel safer in your home when it’s locked.

4. Ensure Your Roof Is Up to Date

How old is your roof? Older roofs, with worn down or leaky shingles, will let in far more cold air than a newer roof. For most shingles, the average lifespan is between fifteen to twenty years. First, check the age of your roof, and then consider updating to a better roofing material like slate which is water, fire, and weather resistant. This will keep the heat within your home as you warm it and will protect you from any future leaks or ice build-up that can happen from older roofs.

5. Have Your HVAC System and Fireplace Cleaned

It would be best if you had your HVAC system checked at least once a year, but many people neglect to do this. This could mean that your HVAC system gathers a lot of dust or debris and slowly runs worse and worse throughout the year. Having this part of your home looked at and routinely cleaned is as important as cleaning your sinks or fridge for your health. An unchecked HVAC system can grow mold, gather dust, and wreak havoc on those who live within a property.

Your fireplace should also be considered since a poorly maintained one can lead to CO2 poisoning or animals and weather making its way into your property. Having your fireplace cleaned and checked will allow you to use it for a whole season without worrying, which means safe and inexpensive heating for any household.

6. Build an Enclosed Porch

Building a porch is one of the last things some people consider to keep their homes warm: but it’s a fantastic idea! An enclosed porch gives your home another layer of separation between the frosty outside world and the interior of your home. Of course, there’s the added perk of having a nice bug-free space to sit in the summer and spring: but in winter, this is a must-have.

If your property doesn’t have the room for this, consider purchasing a door with a glass screen door on its front. The two layers can block out more weather and give you some added security if anyone tries to break in.

There’s No Reason To Allow Cold Into Your Home

Although temperatures can drop down into scary digits: you shouldn’t allow them to stop your home from being a cozy oasis in the middle of the freeze.

By following some of these projects and maintaining your home, you can create a space that’s both comfortable and weather-friendly year-round.

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